A SMS text message including a unique customer identifier is sent to guests at check-in. The guest may forward the text message to as many recipients as they like to refer them to Freeport Studios. If a New First-Time Guest presents the text message at check-in, the referrer will receive 1 free night for new reservations of 7 nights or more. The free night will be credited at the end of the referred guest’s minimum 7-night stay.

  • Applicable for New First-Time Guest referrals only.
  • For the referrer to earn one free night, the New Guest must stay a minimum of 7 nights.
  • Free night will be applied at the end of the minimum 7-night stay.
  • Guests may refer to an unlimited number of new guests.
  • If a New Guest presents a referral text message and the Referrer is no longer in-house, the free night will be stored on file for a maximum of 90 days and the Referrer may claim the free night during their next stay.

*Please contact Patrick at to discuss referral opportunities for corporate accounts.


Reach out with any questions you may have, or to discuss referral opportunities for corporate accounts.